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Café de la casa de Josue is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of specialty coffee. At the heart of our company is the love and respect for land and it’s environment, the innovation and value of those women who very carefully work the earth to provide a coffee of high standard. Thanks to these women we have been able to achieve 4C certification which recognizes Us to be self sustainable and minimizing our ecological footprint. We offer specialty coffee with SCA grade of 83 points and above. We offer three lines of coffee that will please every pallet and many preference to enjoy 100% hand selected Colombian Coffee. We are a company that works with micro lots, which allow us to control each and every process and grantee the transparency of each bag produced. This also allows us to grantee the freshness of our coffee that will reach your hands. 

Our mission is to provide specialty coffee with high quality using a clean and subsanable process. Which will allow you enjoy an exquisite cup of coffee that will always make you feel at home. 

Café De La Casa De Josué

Within the mountains of Colombia in the coffee capital of the country at 1640 meters above sea level, was born Café de la casa de Josue . A 100% natural product that includes only one additional ingredient that will make you feel at home: Love This added value comes from the work of those strong, perseverant and hard working women, that as a mother who raises and nurtures her children, treats and handles all the coffee plants from the seed into the soil all the way until the final product reaches your home. This allows us to produce a quality coffee that captivates you from the first sip and will take you to those beautiful mountains where strength, leadership and love for the land become the ideal place to ease your spirit and motivate the soul.

You’ll find the aroma of the land and a story behind every groove of the harvested bean, inviting you to share with others.

God told Joshua “I have ordered you to be strong and brave, do not fear nor be discouraged because the Lord your God will accompany you where you go!!!” We hope that you always accompany us in every step we take and in every effort we make to be the best and offer you best coffee possible. Café de la Casa de Josue the coffee that will always make you feel at home.

More than Coffee

From the seedbed to the cup on your table, our coffee is the reflection of a work full of love, effort and persistence.

Cafe de la casa de Josue